Choose to Serve Jesus Faithfully

Our Bible verse for today is found in Hebrews‬ ‭11:6‬
“But without faith no one can please God. We must believe that God is real and rewards everyone who searches for Him.” (CEV‬‬)

The Bottom Line

  • No one can please God unless they really believe in Him.
  • Faith entails believing that God is real, and that He really exist. Father God has revealed, and is revealing Himself in these last days, through His Son, Jesus. It is not difficult, today, to recognize that there is a God, and to believe in Him by faith. The question, today, seems to be, “Am I willing to surrender to God, and live for Him, or do I just want to be selfish with my life, and live my own way, and do my own thing, the rest of my life.”
  • Father God rewards all of those who faithfully seek Him out. He rewards with the promise of eternal life, and He rewards believers with the promise of an abundant life while here on earth.


So faith entails believing that God really exist, and that He rewards those who seek Him out.

  1. Have you acknowledged that God is real, and that you need Him in your everyday life?
  2. Have you accepted Him, and His Son, Jesus, as Lord of your life?
  3. Are you living like you faithfully serve Him, or are you living in your own selfish ways?

  • It’s time to get serious about the Lord, and begin living for Him now!
  • It’s time that you become a real testimony of Jesus and show Him in your everyday life!
  • It’s time that you begin leading others to Jesus!

The Lord ask that we are faithful to Him. That’s not too much to ask, considering what He has already done for us, and keeps doing for us.

I Encourage You to Serve Jesus Faithfully.
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